Saturday , 4 July 2015
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Find well-maintained second-hand cars

If you’re scouring the market for used cars, it’s important to appreciate the importance of a full MOT and service history. A complete history shows that the car is likely to have been treated well by its owners and problems haven’t been stored up for later. If you’re looking for cars with a full history of MOTs and car servicing Watford, Rickmansworth Sports Cars can cater for you. The reasons for buying from a dealer as opposed to a private seller are multiple. For instance, it’s always in dealers’ interests to treat you fairly as they risk being removed from ... Read More »

Sell your used car in style

Whenever I need someone to sell my car to Worcestershire, I opt for SJ Rayner Cars. Selling a car doesn’t have to be a stressful process, and it’s easier than you might think to exchange your old motor for a better price. I have sold cars to private sellers before, but have wasted a great deal of time dealing with people who had no real interest in taking things further. Selling to a dealer usually means sealing a deal quickly and being able to get the wheels in motion on finding a new motor straight away. I have managed to ... Read More »

Best Ways to Identify a Genuine WEBER Carburetor

WEBER Carburetor

Counterfeits abound in the world of handbags, designer shoes, and high-end watches, but imitations can be found in almost any industry. There are few things worse than paying good money for a counterfeit product because it will almost never live up to the quality standards of the original. When it comes to car parts, counterfeits are actually quite common. Buying a counterfeit car part is not only a waste of hard-earned money, it can also be dangerous. According to the Federal Trade Commission, counterfeit auto parts cost the global automotive industry $12 billion per year. WEBER makes some of the ... Read More »

3 Types of Windshield Damage You Should Always Have Repaired Professionally

repaired cars

The windshield is vulnerable to damage, as it often takes the brunt of bad weather conditions, accidental impacts and flying debris. Windshields are prone to chips, cracks and breakages, all of which can be dangerous, particularly if they occur while you are driving in difficult weather conditions or at high speeds. Repairing windshield damage quickly is essential for ensuring safety, as well as preventing further damage. While some minor damage can be fixed with commercial products, there are several types of windshield damage you should always have repaired professionally. Bull’s Eye Crack A bull’s eye crack is a circular crack ... Read More »

Selling a Damaged Car

damaged car

Worry not; you can still sell your damaged vehicle.  Some people think that once a car is damaged they will not be able to sell it.  This is not true, especially for Cat D vehicles.  A Category D car is one that has sustained damage that will cost less than the value of the car to repair and once repaired is not subject to a Vehicle Identity Check.  Due to the laws relating to Cat D cars you must be honest in your characterisation and description of the vehicle when you sell it.  You must tell a potential buyer if ... Read More »