Saturday , 28 February 2015
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Benefits of Projector Headlights

Benefits of Projector Headlights

A lot has been said about projector headlights; and time and again. People rave about them and make it their first option to install the same in their cars. If you are wondering about the nature and functionality of these projector headlights, then you are in the right place. Read on for more. The Benefits These projector headlights have seen significant developments over the years, so as to improve their light quality by using latest technology. Additionally, the aftermarket projector headlights have been raising on the popularity charts due to the numerous benefits that they bring to the table. These ... Read More »

Hero Maestro – The Master of Indian Roads

Hero Maestro

Automatic scooters are an attractive option for the commuters at present times. These light and zippy vehicles are great alternatives to the geared, heavy and cumbersome counterparts. Most of the automatic scooters are lighter on the pockets as well, as they cost lesser than most of the geared bikes. Apart from these, the ease of handling, electric start and availability of storage options are some of the other significant reasons for the increasing popularity of these vehicles. As more and more people are turning to automatic scooters, the manufacturers are also coming up with new and improved variants and brands ... Read More »

Five Best Cars for Indian roads – Tackling the Indian Roads


India has approximately a 33 lakh km long road net work, the second largest in the world. Out of these 1,11,000 km are highways, 4,67,700 km are urban roads and 26,50,000 km are rural and other type roads. India ranks first in the world in the loss of human life due to accidents. Many factors are involved in selecting vehicles suitable for the Indian roads. Indian roads run through different type of terrains with a lot of speed breakers, humps, slopes and turns. The ground clearance, the suspension system, the maneuverability and the brake system of the car are very ... Read More »

Handle it like an Olympian

driving licence

 What do I mean when I say ride handle it like an Olympian. When an Olympian enters the arena there is only one thing on his mind, and that one thing is winning. However there are certain protocols and safety precautions that even the Olympians must follow to ensure they keep their careers. It is the same when riding a motorcycle. When you are on top of that powerful machine you feel invincible, powerful and God like. You feel like an Olympian, but there are some things you must do to save your life. As a motorcycle rider myself,  I can’t stress ... Read More »

6 Best Fuel Efficient Cars in 2014

Let us talk about the top six fuel effective fuel-efficient automobiles to save your some cash as well as a journey. Time is upon us, that season where you head out to go to work and you find a foot of new snowfall in your driveway. This heeds caution as to what the road circumstances are going to be for the rest of your drive. Here are six recommended models: Chevy Equinox - In the non-hybrid automobile classification, the Equinox is one of the most effective when it comes to gas usage. This elegance will get you about 22 mpg ... Read More »